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Other Courses

Other Courses

Courses eligible for programme credit

Courses eligible for programme credit include those appearing below. Please note that some of the courses have pre-requisites; in all cases, and for updates on courses being offered, check individual department websites by clicking in their names below.

We have cross-listed many new courses! Be sure to take a look at all your new options!

ANT316H1 Ancient Cultures of Mesoamerica
ANT320H1 Ancient Cultures of the Andes
ANT340H1 Anthropology of Latin America
ANT407H1 Inka and Aztec States

Diaspora and Transnational Studies
DTS200Y1 Introduction to Diaspora and Transnational Studies
DTS300H1 Research Design for Diaspora and Transnational Studies

ECO324H1 Economic Development
ECO403H1 Topics in Development Economics and Policy

Forest Conservation and Forest Biomaterials Science
FOR201H1 Conservation of Tropical and Subtropical Forests

GGR101H1 Ancient Civilizations and their Environments
GGR216H1 Global Cities
GGR249H1 Contemporary Latin America
GGR341H1 Changing Geography of Latin America
JGE321H1 Multicultural Perspectives on the Environment

HIS291H1 Latin America: The Colonial Period (previously HIS291Y1)
HIS292H1 Latin America: The National Period (previously HIS292Y1)
HIS294Y1 Caribbean History and Culture: Indigenous Era to 1886
HIS301H1 Imperial Spain (previously HIS301Y1)
HIS333Y1 Revolution in 20th Century Latin America
HIS359H1 Regional Politics and Radical Movements in the 20th Century Caribbean
HIS390Y1 Latin America in the Age of Revolution
HIS441H1 Conversion & Christianities in the Early Modern Spanish World
HIS456Y1 Black Slavery in Latin America

MUS305H1 Latin American and Caribbean Music

New College Caribbean Studies
NEW120Y1 Introduction to Caribbean Studies
NEW220H1 Comparative Caribbean Literature: Canonical Readings
NEW221H1 Comparative Caribbean Literature: Contemporary Readings
NEW324H1 The Contemporary Caribbean in a Global Context
JLN427H1 Advanced Topics: The Hispanic Caribbean
JLN327H1 Regional Perspectives on the Hispanic Caribbean - (formerly NEW327H1 - The Hispanic Caribbean)
JQR360H1 The Canadian Census: Populations, Migrations, and Demographics

Political Science
POL305Y1 Politics and Society in Latin America
POL360H1 Topics in Latin American Politics: Twenty-First Century Latin American Politics
POL442H1 Topics in Latin American Politics

PRT100Y1 Beginners Portuguese
PRT110Y1 Elementary Portuguese
PRT220Y1 Intermediate Portuguese
PRT255H1 The Brazilian Puzzle: Culture and Identity
PRT258H1 Introduction to Luso-Brazilian Studies
PRT320Y1 Composition and Oral Practice
PRT351H1 Discovery and Conquest: Literature and Nationhood (formerly PRT351Y1)
PRT355H1 Topics in Brazilian Studies
PRT357H1 Modern and Contemporary Brazilian Literature
PRT358H1 Transatlantic Africa and Brazil
PRT365H1 The Rise of Modern Identity
PRT443H1 Machado de Assis: The Creation of the Modern Self - (formerly PRT342H1/PRT455Y1)
PRT454Y1 The Luso-Brazilian Identity
PRT458H1 The Luso-Brazilian Short Story

St. Michael’s College Christianity and Culture
SMC207H1 Christianity in Latin America

SPA100Y1 Spanish for Beginners
SPA219Y1 Spanish for Bilingual and Native Speakers
SPA220Y1 Intermediate Spanish
SPA258H1 Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies
SPA259H1 Introduction to Hispanic Cultural Studies
SPA320Y1 Advanced Spanish
SPA326H1 Latin American Varieties of Spanish Through the Media -
SPA375H1 Latin American Cinema
SPA381H1 Nation, Identity and Literary Modernism in Spanish-America
SPA382H1 Spanish American Women in Art, Film and Literature
SPA384H1 Avant-Garde Movements in Spanish America
SPA385H1 Literature and Social Change in Spanish America
SPA386H1 Literary Landscapes of the Mexican Revolution -
SPA387H0 Contemporary Mexican Literature
SPA422H1 Sociolinguistics of Spanish
SPA467H1 Topics in Spanish-American Culture
SPA468H1 Topics in Modern Spanish-American Literature
SPA471H1 The Historical Novel in Spanish America
SPA480H1 Theories of Culture in Latin America
SPA482H1 20th Century Spanish American Narrative
SPA486H1 Contemporary Caribbean Literatures and Identities
SPA487H1 The Culture of Revolution
SPA488H1 Central America Postwar Narrative