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Tsunamis beyond tsunamis

Tsunamis beyond tsunamis

Date: Wed. 17 Oct, 2018 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The Latin American Studies Luncheon Series presents

Tsunamis beyond tsunamis:
ontologies, syncretism and local knowledge

a lecture by LAS Visiting Scholar Francisco Molina Camacho


Abstract of Presentation

Local knowledge is a syncretic, dynamic and situated process. It's a result of a constant flow between actors with dissimilar ontologies and epistemologies. From a post-humanism political ecology perspective, this lecture analyzes the way local communities build their local knowledge about disasters within uncertain environmental scenarios, appealing to everyday experiences with nature. Through semi-structured interviews and discussion groups about the tsunami of 1960, this lecture analyses the historical issues that have performed local knowledge in the Mapuche Lafkenche community Ignacio Galvarino; the role of memory and the mystery of future; and the spaces of interaction between agents (human and non-human) in which orality unfolds. Finally, this article explores how this knowledge dialogues with current structures oriented to disaster risk reduction (DRR) in Chile, in order to promote less reductionist and deterritorialized policies.

About the Presenter

Molina 2After completing his first degree, Francisco Molina Camacho worked as an advisor in ECLAC and as a researcher in RIDES (Resources and Investigation for Sustainable Development), a research NGO (2005-2008). RIDES was an active partner of the RING Alliance, the Trade Knowledge Network (TKN), Principle Ten Alliance (PP10), the Access Initiative, and UNEP-NISD. Between 2007 and 2009 he completed a MSc in Anthropology and Development at University of Chile and worked as a researcher in Casa de la Paz, a foundation oriented to sustainability and environmental conflicts management. Since 2009 he has been working as a freelance consultant to companies and organizations in subjects related to citizen participation, governance, water resources management, climate change and environmental conflicts in sectors such as mining, forestry, energy and fishing. He completed a PhD in Human Geography at Kings College London, were he studied the impact of mining and water management in the Chilean Altiplano. Currently, he is an academic at Diego Portales University, researcher at Katalis and consultant at MAPS.


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