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Screening: El Paso

Screening: El Paso

Date: Sat. 13 Oct, 2018 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The Latin American Studies Program would like to invite you to a screening of

El Paso

as part of the Toronto Latin American Film Festival, in honour of Hispanic Heritage Month


We have a couple of free tickets to give away to University of Toronto students! Send us a message here, if you would like to attend.

This is a story about the families of those that once were the eyes and the voice of Mexico, but were threatened and had to leave their country; forced into exile, seeking political asylum. This documentary is not about powerful journalists, but invisible reporters that represent the weakest links of the news network’s chain and now are living in an immigration limbo.

Esta es una historia sobre las familias de quienes por un tiempo fueron nuestros ojos y nuestra voz, pero al verse amenazados, tuvieron que abandonar México y han sido forzados a vivir en el exilio, en búsqueda de asilo político. No se trata de plumas poderosas, se trata de reporteros invisibles que representan los eslabones más frágiles de la cadena noticiosa y que hoy se encuentran en un limbo migratorio.

 El Paso Stills

After the screening, award-winning journalist Horacio Nájera will discuss the challenges journalists have to face when living in exile.

Journalism in Exile - Horacio Nájera

Within the context of the Toronto Latin American Film Festival, award-winning journaist Horacio Nájera will discuss the challenges journalists have to face when living in exile. Horacio Nájera is a Mexican journalist and analyst living in exile in Canada since 2008. He is currently the PEN Canada-George Brown Writer in Residence in Toronto. He was the recipient of the 2010 CJFE International Press Freedom Award, and one of the 2011 Human Rights Watch Hellman/Hammet awards. He is co-author of “Democratic Governance in Latin America: a regional discussion” (IRI, 2013), a member of Massey College since 2011, and former fellow at the Citizen Lab/Canada Centre for Global Security Studies. He received a Master of Global Affairs from the University of Toronto.


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