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Poesia Agora

Poesia Agora

Date: Wed. 16 Jan, 2019 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The Latin American Studies program cordially invites you
to the first Luncheon Series event of 2019:
a lecture titled,

Poesia Agora: Contemporary Poetry in Brazil
by Lucas Viriato

Viriato Poesia Agora          Viriato Livros Poesia Agora


About the Presentation
This lecture aims to review and approach from a theoretical-critical point of view the criteria I used in curating the Poesia Agora (Poetry Now) exhibition (2015-2017). This exhibit aimed to broaden the context of Brazilian poetry since 2000 and emphasise how such poetry can question itself and society. The goal is to undertake a critical investigation of Brazil's contemporary poetry, considering it not merely as text, but as system of social practices and a form of life.

About the Presenter
Lucas Viriato Profile Picture copyLucas Viriato is a LAS Visiting Scholar for 2018-2019. He holds a degree in Literature at PUC-Rio, with specialization in Textual Production, and with additional qualification in Teacher Training from Universidade Cândido Mendes. In 2012, he completed his Master's Degree in Brazilian Literature at PUC-Rio, and in 2016 he enrolled in the PhD in Literature, Culture and Contemporaneity at PUC-Rio. He regularly works as a teacher of Literature and coordinates poetic workshops, from high school to postgraduate.

Since 2006, he has edited the printed and virtual literary journal "Plástico Bolha", in which hundreds of authors already published their work, including newcomers and consecrated. He is the author of the books: "Memórias Indianas" (2007); "Retorno ao Oriente" (2008); "Contos de Mary Blaigdfield, a mulher que não queria falar sobre o Kentucky — e outras histórias" (2010); "Curtos e Curtíssimos" (2012); "Muestras" (2013); "Corpo Pouco" (2013); "Blue" (2015); "Nepal Legal" (2017); "Índia Derradeira" (2017); and "Poemas da Cor do Sangue" (2018). He translated the book "The Nightmare Before Christmas" by Tim Burton (2016), and the book "Limo", by Néstor E. Rodríguez (2018). Organized the "Antologia de prosa Plástico Bolha" (2010) and the "Antologia de poesia Plástico Bolha" (2014); Had two poems selected for the anthology "É agora como nunca", organized by Adriana Calcanhotto (2017). He works as editor of OrganoGrama Livros, having published more than 20 titles in recent years; and participated in several national and international poetry events.

He is a regular curator and producer, and organized the event "Labirinto Poético" for the City of Rio de Janeiro (2012-2018), and coordinated, with the poet Chacal, the traditional event of poetry "CEP 20.000" (2010-2011). In 2015, he was the curator of the exhibition "Poesia Agora", in which the work of more than 500 poets was brought together at the Museu da Língua Portuguesa in São Paulo and reissued in Caixa Cultural de Salvador (2017) and Caixa Cultural do Rio de Janeiro (2017), being considered one of the most striking records of the contemporary panorama of poetry in the country. He was awarded the Prêmio Agente Jovem de Cultura granted by the Ministry of Culture of Brazil (2012) and recently was appointed as ABRESC's chancellor, the Brazilian Academy of Writers (2018).


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Please note: We offer a light lunch to those who register before the deadline below. If the deadline for registration has passed, please feel free to join us for the lecture and bring your own lunch.


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