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Undergraduate Research Day 2019

Undergraduate Research Day 2019

Date: Fri. 8 Feb, 2019 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The Latin American Studies Program and
the Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS)
are proud to invite you to their

Seventh Annual Undergraduate Research Day

URD 2019


This one-day conference will provide undergraduate students the opportunity to present an essay or research on Latin American topics to LAS affiliated faculty members and other students. Each participant will give a 15-minute presentation of their work. Afterwards, participants will receive feedback from a mixed (but expert) audience, in a friendly and academic environment.



12:10 - 12:50 PM - The Egg: Challenging Pre-conceived Ideas about the Caribbean by Ana-Louise Polexe (Major in LAS, Minors in Spanish and English).
Commentary by Prof. Victor Rivas (LAS and Spanish & Portuguese)

12:50 -1:30 PM - Societal Impacts of Decreto Supremo 28761 in La Paz, Bolivia by Zachary Gordon (Major in Spanish, Minors in Portuguese and LAS)
Commentary by Prof. Valentina Napolitano (Anthropology)

1:30 - 2:10 PM - Facultative Government-Initiated Referendum in Latin America: Evidence from Ecuador, Colombia, and Costa Rica by Luis Utreras (Majors in Philosophy and Political Science)
Commentary by Prof. Luis van Isschot (History)

2:10 - 2:50 PM - Shouting From the Bottom of the Pit: Two Case Studies of Indigenous Consultation for Projects of Hydrocarbon Extraction in the Peruvian Amazon by Alejandra Bellatin (Majors in Economics and Public Policy)
Commentary by Prof. Chris Krupa (Anthropology)

2:50 - 3:30 PM - Break

3:30 - 4:10 PM - Más allá del supermercado: Language Attitudes of Chinese-Argentine Youth by Gregory Antono (Majors in Linguistics and Spanish, Minor in LAS)
Commentary by Pocholo Umbal (Linguistics)

4:10 - 4:50 PM - To Be Indigenous: The TIPNIS Conflict and the Re-Conceptualizations of Indig (eneity in Bolivia by Cassandra Yañez-Leyton (Major in International Relations, Minors in LAS and German Studies)
Commentary by Prof. Antonio Torres-Ruiz (LAS)

4:50 - 5:30 PM - Participation of Indigenous Communities in the Development of Ecotourism Projects in the Ecuadorian Amazon by Steve Parra (Majors in LAS and Economics)
Commentary by Prof. Christian Abizaid (Geography and Planning, School of the Environment)

Event Registration

Registration Start: Tue. 15 Jan, 2019
Registration End: Wed. 6 Feb, 2019